About Natasha

About Natasha (1956-2007)

This is a 2019 reincarnation of the original Natasha Haykinson website, whcih was created in 2005 and maintained continuously through 2016, when the server harboring it stopped working. Fortunately, we were able to recover all pictures, picture titles, and other texts, and decided to use the occasion to update the website design to accomodate modern screens. Below is the text that Natasha wrote for her original website in 2005.

My name is Natasha Haykinson, and I have been an amateur photographer since 2002.

The objects of my pictures are very random; it is not unusual for me to find them in the trash or amongst the construction litter. A few dry leaves on a bench and a colorful bottle lid, taken from their surroundings and "framed" by a camera, can look as beautiful as a specially arranged still life picture. An old peeled off wall, taken in a shot, suddenly becomes a canvas with an abstract painting.

It all depends on the way you look at objects, but if you let yourself "forget" their primary meanings once in a while, you'll be happy to see a delicate pink color decorated with little black lines, which in "real life" is just an old fence with bended nails in it.

Sometimes I've been asked about the object of this or that picture. I can, of course, tell that the blue angle with a beautiful navy blue line on it is a corner of a house with a shadow on it, but it is not my goal to make it a guessing game. If you start to look for such answers, you might not be able to enjoy the beauty of ordinary things as much as I do.

Most of my pictures are made by 35 mm manual RICOH camera with macro lenses (PENTAX 100 for the majority of photos).

I would like to thank my friend Nickolas Chelyapov for his constant support and encouragement. I also thank my husband Mike for his constant help and support and my son Ilya for helping me with this website.

I appreciate you visiting my site and looking at my works.